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15 Jun 2024

Bridget Ross on Workplace Wellness

What is workplace wellness?

Workplace wellness is a multi-faceted approach to a company’s work environment, and the wellbeing of company employees. This idea includes, but is not limited to, promoting healthy behaviors in and out of the workplace. Many companies take an active stance on health and wellness by implementing programs that encourage team members to improve their physical health.

Bridget Ross believes that employee health affects more than just an attendance record.

A team member’s health affects his/her performance and, therefore, the value he/she is able to bring to the company. Health, of course, is more than just physical. Bridget understands that an employee’s emotional health can also pose barriers. While stress in the workplace is often inevitable, how executives and employees deal with stress, can make the difference.  Ross believes in supporting team members who are struggling with health issues and in general, promoting good health in the form of workplace health and wellness.

Favoring inclusive approaches in her leadership, Bridget Ross values the voices within her team, often working as a sounding board for her employees. Afterall, the entire company benefits from the strength of its team members. That’s why Ross spends time listening to and acting on the concerns of her team.

An individual’s work environment can ultimately determine whether they become strong performers or not, and whether they live up to their potential.  Similarly, a toxic workplace can debilitate not only the individual, but the whole team. Bridget Ross works diligently to ensure that the work environments she helps to create are filled with health and wellness programs and leadership behaviors that support each team member.  The result? When each individual is able to perform at their best they feel great, the whole team becomes more successful, and the company grows.