Looking for inspiration?

Then why not get inspired AND get practical all at once?

The R.I.S.E. second annual Women’s Leadership Conference is coming up September 19th in Rhode Island.

Kudos to Hilina Ajakaiye for creating this once-a-year event aimed at connecting women from an array of fields, backgrounds, ethnicity and ages.

A day spent here will build you up and fill you with practical ideas to strengthen your health and your wealth. And it just may inspire you to pay-it-forward for other women. 

In just ONE day, you’ll have a chance to learn from the experiences of high profile speakers, go deep with sessions on entrepreneurialism, work-life balance and STEAM careers among other topics, engage in VIP networking, and interact with exhibitors.  

I’m personally fascinated with the talk called: “Find Your Fierce: The 4 Steps To Align Your Purpose To Your Paycheck.”  Isn’t that something many of us are seeking?

The best thing?   This conference is for YOU if you are a current or aspiring women leader no matter your field of endeavor. 

If you want to get a feel for the event, check out this video:

RISE Women’s Leadership Conference 2018 Re-Cap (2M) from Hilina Ajakaiye on Vimeo.

Insider’s tip: You can sit for a free head-shot photo while you’re at the conference. What a great chance to punch up your image.

Ladies, this Providence, Rhode Island event sold out last year, don’t miss out on a chance to build on your networking experiences and portfolio!

This is the first post in Bridget Ross’s blog series on upcoming women’s leadership conferences across the U.S. http://prsearchengine.com/bridget-ross-to-host-blog-series-on-upcoming-womens-leadership-conferences/