Professionally, and personally, teams thrive when each member is valued. That’s why inclusivity is the cornerstone of my approach to leadership. Natasha Stokes of JLL Real Views expresses a similar view in her article How Flexible Workspaces Can Tackle Loneliness in the Office.

Natasha Stokes notes the valuable impact face-to-face communication offers.  Once a run of the mill, everyday practice, in-person meetings are losing popularity over time.  Personally, I think this is the wrong direction to head in. While the convenience of instant messaging and remote work is helpful, nothing compares to the collaborative opportunities of an in-person meeting.

According to Stokes, face-to-face communication is more than just personally valuable — it’s powerfully productive.  And as a leader who firmly believes in engaging with the ideas of each individual on my team, I absolutely agree with her message!